Game Beasts Control

Game beasts, developed by Boneloaf is a top-rated game of 2019. Gang beast is like filling wacks inflatable arm flailing tube men full of mashed potatoes and made them fight.

This lets you choose different customized dumb guys that flail their legs, arms and body at each other instead of having any sort of combat skills. And that is precisely what makes it different and unique.

Gang beast has been available on steam for years now, but the full consoles were released recently. It’s a multiplayer 3D brawler where 1-4 friends can play against each other or play together like drunk toddlers.

Although, for someone hearing the name ” Gang beasts” for the first time. It can be regarded as a game with precise controls, cool characters and awesome combos. But unfortunately, none of these features positioned by the name are available. That is not a bad thing, it makes it super cool and different from other games.

The controls are Easy To Understand, but that does not make them easy to Use.

One-shoulder button punches with one arm, the other punch with the one arm. Holding either one grabs with one hand. When using the steam controller or on Xbox one, A is for Jumping, Y is for lift X is for headbutt and B is for the kick. Gang beasts control seems easy, right?

But it is not.

The control above only works for the Kung Fu masters game. Tapping B on gang beasts won’t make you kick, nor will it make you shimmy your foot above the ground.  Holding the B button would make you flip backward like your legs gave out on you, with the same working principle with the punches which really come across more like wimpy slaps.

Gang beasts has a lot of controls while used on platforms such as Pc, PS4 and Xbox One. Memorizing the functions of each control can be too stressful. That’s why a list of all controls currently working for all game on all 3 different controllers have been compiled and provided below:

Note: The controls can be remapped to come up with something more manageable, which is good for someone playing on pc.

Controls For Throwing Other Players

This is one movement controls that confuse many, throwing other players off building and structures is what many don’t know how to do. The trick to getting this done is to first make them unconscious so they can be on the ground. It can be done while they stand but hard compare to when they stand; they can always fight back.

What to do is hold the Left Punch & Right Punch buttons to grab the enemy. Next is, hold the Taunt button to lift them into the air. Making use of force, you can carry them to the edge, throwing them off by letting go of their grip by removing hands from all buttons.

PC Gang Beast Controls

Playing gang beasts with a keyboard can be complicated due to the number of controls. Making use of an Xbox One or PS4 controller is recommendable alongside the PC.

The standard wired Xbox controller or PS4 controller can be connected through Micro USB. Refer to the list of controls for the controller provided below:

  1. Move – WASD
  2. Hoist/Jump – Space bar
  3. Headbutt/Crawl – Left Control
  4. Left Punch/ Grab – Left Mouse Button
  5. Taunt/Left – Left Shift
  6. Show Names – Q
  7. Next Camera/ Previous – Left/ Right Arrow
  8. Previous/ Next Spectator – . / ,
  9. Kick – M

Xbox One Gang Beasts Controls

  1. Move – Analog Stick
  2. Headbutt/ Crawl – B
  3. Jump/Hoist – A
  4. Kick – X
  5. Lift/Taunt – Y
  6. Show Names – LT
  7. Previous/ Next Spectator – L1/L2 Whilst Spectating
  8. Grab/Right Punch – RB
  9. Left Punch/Grab – LB